Finding the World's Best Governments in a World Championship of Governments
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What is is a young organization of concerned world citizens, who will establish a world wide competition, a World Championship, of the world's governments. The judges for this competition will be chosen by the people. The governments will be judged by their politics, successes and failures. They will be judged in different areas of politics, such as economics, environment, human rights, defence and peace, health, social security, education, research, internal security, laws, development, international relations, etc.

Where did the idea for the World Championship of Governments originate?
The idea goes back to an article which the then General Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi A. Annan, published in the International Herald Tribune on June 10, 2006. Many will remember that this was the day when the soccer World Cup started in Germany. In this article, Dr. Annan expressed his envy with respect to the attention this World Cup receives and expressed the wish that people would pay similar attention to the performance of the United nations and national governments. Reading this article, the idea was born to create a World Championship of Governments. Read the article ... Read a commentary on the article ...

Who is supporting BestGovernments?
BestGovernments is supported by Tiwah, Inc. This is a for-profit company which has the goal to bring humanity and world closer together in a transition beyond our current struggle for sustainability. The for-profit model is used to raise capital for traditionally not-for-profit activities.

What is this about?
This is not so much about the governments of the world, it is more about the people in the countries, who elect or tolerate their governments. It is about their ability to choose the right leaders. Were they able to make the right choices in elections? Were they informed in their decisions?

It is often stated that people have the government they deserve. If we accept this, then the world best governments are synonymous for the countries in which people made the best choices. Thus, the winners and losers of a world competition of governments are not really the governments, the winners and losers are the people who elected them.

And if you are not among the winners, isn't it time to make a change? To make better decisions in elections?

Why are we doing this?
Although the World Championship of Governments most likely will not draw attention on the level of the Olympics or a World Cup in soccer, it will get some global attention. It may make people more aware of the choices they have when they see how their government is performing in a global championship. People will talk more about politics, how their government is doing compared to others, and why certain governments are having better solutions, just as Dr. Annan envisioned in his article. Following the championship will have an educational effect on the audience, similar to following national election campaigns, but on a much broader scale. It will broaden the view on many issues in an international frame supported by a global ranking. With increasing popularity, governments may attempt to perform well in the competition and adjust their politics so that they have a chance to end up as losers. A global competition for the best politics will thus feed back on national politics and provide an incentive for better solutions.

Government are inherently averse to remorseless competition. A global Championship will submit them to a comparison that is likely to impact not only the choice people make in elections but also the actions of governments towards more rational and positive solutions, solutions that can compete on a global scale.

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